Georgia election officials have had enough of Trump’s ‘sad and pathetic’ lies

ATLANTA – Two months have not been easy to be an election official in Georgia: Everyone from Secretary of State to county officials and polling officers have received death threats, harassment and an avalanche angry emails from legions of Donald Trump supporters who cling to the mistaken belief that they presided over a rigged election on November 3.

All the while, these officials have been preparing for another hugely important election, Tuesday’s second round of the Senate. If the reaction to Trump’s defeat – namely, the sprouting of dozens of Georgia election conspiracy theories – is any indication, a close race or victory for Democratic candidates, could land like a match in a powder keg.

“Obviously, we’re on the cutting edge,” said Baoky Vu, a Republican member of the Election Board in DeKalb County, part of the Atlanta suburb of 700,000 people. “But it’s not because of the runoff today, it’s because of what Trump has been doing for the past six weeks.”

Vu’s priority, he told the Daily Beast on Tuesday, is to ensure the safety of DeKalb County election workers. His second – like that of many election workers in Georgia – debunks the myriad of election-related conspiracy theories in the Tory media ecosystem and braces for those that will inevitably come if the decisive second round of the Senate does not turn out as intended. the Republicans.

“There are no tokens the Dominion machines, no shredding of ballot papers – it is sad and pathetic to hear these baseless accusations leveled against election officials, poll officials, elected officials of the party” , Vu said. “It’s just sad to hear these baseless lies from the president.”

President Trump brought these baseless conspiracy theories to Georgia at a rally on Monday that ultimately reiterated many of the same lies he spoke in a now infamous phone call with Secretary of State for Georgia and others. During this call, first reported by The Washington PostTrump tried to convince officials to help him steal the already concluded election. And after spreading libel after libel against members of his own party and Georgian officials, even as the insults inspired a wave of abusive threats, there was little remorse. But there has been a growing desire for retribution.

For weeks, the president spoke openly and began plotting behind closed doors to campaign against Republican and pro-Trump Georgia governor Brian Kemp if a major challenge were to arise, all because Kemp failed overthrown democracy in his own state to Trump’s satisfaction.

When Trump was briefed or privately discussed information that Georgian Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and others in the state have received death threats over false allegations that Trump and his supporters have aggressively promoted , the president reacted with contempt and insensitivity, according to two people. familiar with the subject. Trump even suggested that these grim situations were all the fault of officials such as Raffensperger.

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