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A Georgia mother of two is considered a victim of the Covid-19 vaccination after she appears to have died shortly after receiving the vaccine.

An obituary presented online by an Alabama-based funeral home for Brittany Hall Perez, 39, a resident of Atlanta, states that she passed away on January 13, corroborated by a GoFundMe fundraiser with the same information.

According to Perez’s Facebook page, she last updated her status a day before Jan. 12, swapping her profile picture for one wearing a mask while displaying a ” Covid-19 vaccination ”.

A model surrounding the photo reads: “Save lives. Say yes to the Covid-19 vaccine. “

It is not known which company manufactured the vaccine given to Perez, or whether a negative reaction to the vaccine was the cause of death.

Infowars has reported people who experienced serious side effects, ranging from seizures to death, resulting from Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine. The company revealed that 6 people had died in testing in an FDA report.

Hall’s death and a potential link to the Covid-19 vaccine have never been reported by mainstream media.

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One wonders how many more deaths are being ignored since MSM deliberately try to keep the public uninformed.

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Report: Covid-19 Vaccine Found To Cause Neurological Disorders

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