Georgia Revolution is a “ fuck you ” targeting Trump

Can we call it repudiation now? Because Donald Trump flew to Georgia on Monday night to carry out what he surely thought was his last rescue mission. Instead, if anything, his shocking antics over the past few days have driven the participation against him.

I know it’s only a few thousand votes and Jon Ossoff hasn’t officially won yet and it sounds a little drastic but damn it wouldn’t stop the other side: election night America was sure she wanted to get rid of Trump, but wasn’t sure she wanted to hand over the car keys to the Democrats. After two more months of watching Trump try to set our country on fire and watch the Republicans hand him the game, the Americans, or at least the Georgians, said it was okay. Democrats, it’s all yours.

It was an unbelievably amazing night. Georgia elected a black and in all likelihood a Jew to the United States Senate. Both liberals. Georgia. It’s amazing. And the historic debt paid, especially in Raphael Warnock’s victory: the pastor of Martin Luther King’s church will be a US senator.

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