Germany wants to avoid economy ‘shutdown of yo-yos’ with 4-5 months ‘severe’ lockdown – Dateway

Germany is among the last major European countries to reimpose COVID-19 restrictions nationwide, alongside France, Germany and the UK as cases rise across the continent.

While this includes the closure of potentially crowded pubs, restaurants, cafes and nightlife venues, the latest restrictions ended before schools or retail stores closed. German officials are now signaling to the public that they should prepare for more months of “harsh” measures to curb the surge in cases, according to Reuters on Sunday:

Germans should prepare for another 4 to 5 months of severe measures to stem the increase in coronavirus infections and should not expect a rapid relaxation of the current rulesEconomy Minister Peter Altmaier told the weekly Bild am Sonntag.

Germany’s economy minister said the nation should be prepared for a lockdown period of several months to deal with the increasing number of coronavirus cases.

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Describing that “we are not out of the woods yet”, Altmaier further stressed that Berlin wants avoid a “yo-yo stop” with the economy “constantly open and closed”.

“If we don’t want days with 50,000 new infections, as was the case in France a few weeks ago, we need to see through this and not constantly speculate on what measures can be relaxed again“He told a German newspaper this weekend.

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“All countries that lifted their restrictions too early have so far paid a high price in terms of human lives lost,” he added.


Last week, Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that the Germans could expect a “more serious” outbreak in the second wave. “As was the case with the Spanish flu, we can now expect the second wave to be more severe,” she said on Wednesday.

Germany is set to surpass 800,000 confirmed infections on Sunday, including more than 12,500 deaths, making it the 13th most infected country in the world.

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