Gifts for homebodies

This is the year we all became homebodies, spending more time on the couch or in bed rather than outside, and that’s good, because of all our 40s. If you have someone in your life who you want to help have a better time at home, and lean into their homey nature while on vacation, this guide is for you.

As someone who can’t function lying on the couch without a blanket, that’s a bit of a personal recommendation. This fluffy throw is made with HEATTECH yarn that uses your own body heat to keep you warm.

Loose tea is a problem no matter how many times you’ve made it. This mug, loved by scout contributor tk, goes all out to make loose leaf tea and makes it simple. Just put your tea in the included steeper basket, add hot water, then remove the basket when done.

Look, I’m not saying we’re all attention hungry, but these days I strike up a conversation with everyone who delivers packages or food to my apartment. The newest Echo Dot has a built-in clock, smart home compatibility, and you can even just ask it to tell you jokes.

If there had ever been an official pandemic toy / hobby, the puzzle would be this. Jiggy Puzzles partners with artists to present collections of puzzles that when completed look like they need to be framed. Really, it’s a two-in-one gift.

Brooklinen’s Super Plush Bathrobe takes the plush, pillow-like pillow of their Super Plush towels (a favorite of Boy Scout writer Dan Modlin) and lets you wrap your whole body. The new colourway, Ocean, is like the classic ’90s bathrobe every household had.

Smythson Ludlow Soho Notebook

Is there something like opening a whole new notebook? If your loved one can’t have enough words written either, get them a notebook that will make them feel like it’s 1930 and they’re writing the next great American novel.

Nostalgic personalized candle

Everyone loves a good candle, but take it a step further and send your loved one a personalized candle. Take a candle that reminds them of their original state or makes them feel amazing as they dive into a book, then add your own message (up to 130 characters).

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