Gingrich says election is “a left-wing takeover funded by people like George Soros” – Dateway

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told Fox News he believes Democrats stole the election from President Trump with the help of powerful liberal elites like George Soros.

Gingrich made the comment Sunday while discussing the possibility of Republicans uniting behind Biden, a ridiculous demand by Democrats after spending four years demonizing Trump supporters.

“Well look, that’s a good feeling,” Gingrich said, “First of all, you go out and Democrats steal five or six states, and that’s what Republicans believe we’re looking at. We think we have a lot of evidence of this. “

“Then you turn around and say let’s forget four years of Nancy Pelosi, forget four years of impeachment, harassment, opposition, hostility, hate, and now that I’ve won why don’t we get along not good?”

The former Georgia representative went on to explain that he believed powerful liberals, including George Soros, had manipulated the election result at the local level.

“I think he should do a lot to convince Republicans that this is nothing more than a left-wing takeover funded by people like George Soros, deeply rooted at the local level. And, frankly, I think it’s a corrupt and stolen election. It’s very hard for me to understand how we’re going to work together without some really, really big steps from Biden. And I doubt his party’s left will tolerate it by genuinely trying to work with Republicans.

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Surprisingly, Fox News allowed Gingrich to say the name “Soros” without interrupting him, as they did in September.

A major media outlet triggered the election of Alex Jones and declared him the 46th President of the United States of America to replace Donald J. Trump.

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