Giuliani says Philadelphia Democrats voted from the grave, says he will prove fraud in court – Dateway

President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani said he was “working early” on fraud cases in Pennsylvania. Giuliani claims Joe Biden’s victory there was twisted, and state government has also demanded an audit of vote.

“On election night @realDonaldTrump, 800,000 leads were wiped out by hundreds of thousands of letters in ballots counted without any Republican observers,” Giuliani tweeted Sunday morning, a day after Associated Press called Pennsylvania and entire election in favor of Joe Biden.

“Why were the Republicans excluded?” he continued, before asking his disciples to “Tweet me your hypothesis, while I prove it in court.”

Like his boss, Giuliani insisted that Biden’s apparent victory was the result of fraud. Republican observers say they were denied access to counting centers, which allowed staff inside to make “bad things” with the ballots, in Trump’s words. At least one worker claimed he was ordered to cancel the mail-in ballots, while the Trump campaign alleged that crowds of the dead voted in Philadelphia and staff there were illegally counting ballots. late voting.

Giuliani called the “Cheeky” Philadelphia Democratic Machine, and claimed that the late heavyweight boxer Joe Frazier and actor Will Smith’s grandfather both voted in previous elections in the city after their deaths.

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“I bet Biden dominated this group,” he tweeted. “We will find out.”

Biden beat Trump in Pennsylvania by about 40,000 votes, or 0.6% of the total vote, though a small number of ballots remain to be counted. Although Republicans in Keystone State did not categorically call Biden’s victory fraudulent, State House Speaker Bryan Cutler on Friday called on Governor Tom Wolf to launch a “Full audit” of the vote there before certifying the result.

In a letter to Wolf, Cutler cited the widespread use of unsigned mail ballots, the exclusion of Republicans from polling stations and the extension of the mailing deadline as “Problems that cannot be overlooked.”

Based on the conduct of the vote in Pennsylvania, “No matter who wins, you’re going to have 50% of the population, regardless of the side, who won’t be confident in the outcome,” State Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman told reporters on Friday.

Asked by reporters about her handling of the vote, Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar said she had done everything “To ensure that every voter, every candidate and every party has access to fair, free, safe and secure elections.”

The word transparency is often mentioned. But there is nothing transparent about the shameful 2020 electoral process that crushes the will of the American people.

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