Give extra COVID-19 vaccine to anyone who wants it

Senior officials working with the White House Coronavirus Task Force and Operation Warp Speed ​​are pushing for states to start handing out some of their excess COVID-19 vaccine doses to anyone who wants them, according to four people familiar with the subject.

The plan is already underway, federal officials are already talking to states about it. If passed further, it could upend months of debate and strategizing about who should get the vaccine first. But officials say this first-come, first-served approach may be one of the only ways to ensure millions of vaccine doses don’t expire on shelves. So far, 24 million doses have been allocated to states, with about 28 percent of those doses administered.

President Donald Trump said at one point that there would be 100 million doses prepared by the end of 2020. More recently, officials said they would have 20 million doses administered by then. This did not happen. In mid-December, states began reporting a range of issues – delayed dose deliveries, immunization notification systems shutting down. And as the New Year approached, the administration still hadn’t hit its target.

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