Google YouTube extends suspension of US President Trump – prevents Rudy Giuliani from posting ads

The far left Google-YouTube extended its suspension of US President Trump on Tuesday.
YouTube has also banned Rudy Giuliani from serving any ads on its platform.

On January 12, YouTube suspended President Trump’s account for “inciting violence.”

YouTube suspends President Trump’s channel for ‘incitement to violence’

Google YouTube extends suspension

This is nothing new. Google and the tech giants have censored conservatives for years.
It’s just that now these corrupt far left fanatics believe they are more powerful than governments.

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Hopefully President Trump walks away from these horrible companies and never looks back.

Politico reported:

The video-sharing giant YouTube extended the suspension of former President Donald Trump’s channel indefinitely on Tuesday and limited the ability of Trump adviser Rudy Giuliani to make money on the platform.

Latest crackdown: The Google-owned company announced that for the second time in two weeks, it will expand restrictions that prevent Trump from posting on the platform. The company initially blocked it on January 12 amid fears of further violence following the insurgency on Capitol Hill by Trump supporters.

YouTube first said it was giving Trump its first of three strikes before banning him permanently from the site under its content policies, suspending him for at least a week. He extended that suspension last Tuesday for at least another week. But the company offered no timeline for the latest extension, making his suspension effectively indefinite.

“Given concerns about the current potential for violence, the Donald J. Trump channel will remain on hold,” YouTube spokeswoman Ivy Choi said in a statement.

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