GOP 2024 hopes rush to defend Trump after son complains

Donald Trump Jr. on Thursday issued a bugle call for every Republican who hopes to be on a future presidential ticket to rush to his father’s defense and help fight largely non-existent election irregularities. Within minutes, they started to gain attention.

“The complete lack of action on the part of virtually all ‘GOP 2024 hopefuls’ is pretty incredible,” said the president’s eldest son tweeted Thursday afternoon. They have a perfect platform to show that they are ready and able to fight, but instead they will curl up in front of the media crowd.

Less than 20 minutes later, statements from real contenders for GOP 2024 started pouring in. “All votes that are * legally * cast must be counted,” tweeted Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR). “There is NO excuse for not allowing poll observers to observe the count.” he included a link to a Trump campaign donation and added, “Support @ realDonaldTrump’s legal defense here.”

Within minutes, other 2024 hopes also kicked in. “Free and fair elections are what America wants. Each LEGAL vote must be counted in a fair and transparent manner ”, tweeted Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), echoing the Trump campaign’s rhetoric on the issue.

“We all owe @realDonaldTrump for his leadership of Conservative victories in the Senate, House and state legislatures,” channeled former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. “He and the American people deserve transparency and fairness when the votes are counted. The law must be respected. We must keep the faith that the truth will prevail. “

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