GOP can’t stop Biden but they will assassinate democracy by trying

Maybe Georgian voters will surprise us and make this week a party. If Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff do manage to achieve victories, then the whole story of the 2020 election changes from a situation in which Democrats took the White House but were clubbed everywhere else to a story of narrow rejection but clear of Trumpism (in which case thanks, Stacey Abrams).

But if that doesn’t happen, it will be one of the darkest weeks in the history of this democracy. Donald Trump’s mad rant against Brad Raffensberger was mad and unforgivable and appalling and everything in between, but more than that: it was a reminder that we are only a few corrupt state officials from the Democratic rejection of November.

And the shocking decision of a dozen US senators to challenge the election results that each state’s electoral apparatus and dozens of state courts and the country’s law enforcement chief have ruled valid is a fucking epic and historical proportions. This will lead – not may drive, will lead – to the dissolution of democracy. It is really only a matter of time.

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