GOP Representative Chip Roy tells Fox News that if Democrats win the Senate, we will be in a ‘hot large-scale conflict’

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) ominously warned during an appearance on Fox News on Monday night that the United States is in a “cold civil war” that will turn into a “large-scale hot conflict” if Democrats swept Georgia’s second round on Tuesday. races and take control of the Senate.

Before the Texas lawmaker appeared on Tucker Carlson tonightFox News host Tucker Carlson has his viewers fearful of the ramifications of the Senate election, insisting the country would definitely be under Democratic control if the Republicans lost on Tuesday.

“Today, Nancy Pelosi, the current Speaker of the House, spoke in favor of Washington State. Yes, it is clearly unconstitutional ”, he breathed. “The point is two more Democrats in the US Senate. And probably not just two. You add Puerto Rico and that makes four new senators. A new permanent majority. You have a one-party state and the game is over. It comes. It happens at high speed.

Moments later, Carlson appealed to Roy, who strongly agreed with the far-right host’s assessment, adding that “Americans are angry.”

The Tory congressman, who recently received applause from both Liberals and Democrats for rejecting his fellow Republican congressional colleagues’ plan to oppose President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory, then upped it several notches .

“Here’s the thing, what’s happening tomorrow in Georgia, if we have a democratically controlled Senate, we are now basically in a hot full-scale conflict in this country, while we are currently in a cold civil war,” he said. Roy to Carlson.

“We have a major problem where Americans, ordinary people who work every day, Americans who work hard, are being trampled by a system rigged against them,” Roy continued.

The congressman then reverted to Carlson’s claim that a Democratic victory would also mean the end of bipartisan rule in the country.

“If the American people in Georgia don’t show up and make sure we have the Senate in the hands of Republicans, that’s what’s happening,” he exclaimed. “Two more votes coming out of the Senate in Washington, DC and Puerto Rico, and they’re locking it down for good. So I couldn’t agree with you more. People have to show up tomorrow to hold the line. “

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