GOP throws more bullshit at the wall as Trump’s legal losses pile up

Trump’s campaign racked up a string of legal losses on Friday in its scathing challenges to the election outcome, while adding another lawsuit that experts see as an unnecessary or unnecessary delay tactic.

Hours before the president’s campaign dropped its infamous Arizona “Sharpie” trial, the state government filed a new legal case that could slow down certification of the tally in Maricopa County, home of Phoenix.

The claim depends on whether the mandatory results audit is to be based on a sample of the 175 polling centers – where, for the first time this year, any county resident could vote – or the 748 traditional local constituencies, as the record goes. Republican insists that the law requires it, despite the Secretary of State’s direction to the contrary.

“It’s an issue only a data analyst or election lawyer can love,” GOP legal adviser Jack Wilenchik said. “But we have a lot of pressure to make sure this election is made by the book.”

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