GOP’s hypocritical old white snowflakes melt on average Biden Pick Neera Tanden tweets

Just when you thought the white and gray old men in the couldn’t get more sexist, weak, or cowardly, here is Senator John Cornyn complaining about the so-called ‘radioactive’ woman of color than President-elect has chosen to head the Office of Management and Budget.

Cornyn’s criticism does not relate to the qualifications of Neera Tanden (she is the current president of the Center for American Progress, a former senior health policy adviser to Obama-Biden, and she worked for the first presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton), or a policy she supports them. No, the man who saw no harm in the vile, loathsome, deceptive, and senseless tweets the President of the of America regularly sends out is offended by Tanden’s tweets. For example, Tanden repudiated Michelle Obama’s legendary slogan in 2016 “when they go low, we go high”, tweeting, “Going high doesn’t work”. Other examples include Tanden liking the nickname ‘Moscow Mitch’ when applied to Senate Majority Leader in 2019, him “Flight of death” who too accused of “violin, while the markets are burning”. She described Maine Senator Collins, a deciding vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation, as “the worst” and, in a statement following her confirmation, called Collins “Judge Kavanaugh’s chief counsel, offering a pathetically faith argument as a cover for President Trump’s vicious attacks on sexual assault .

Yep. She said so. And now she is “Biden’s worst candidate so far,” according to Cornyn, with “no chance” of confirmation, according to her spokesperson. Is this man serious? Tragically, he is. It’s more the same heinous gas ignition, hypocrisy and outright lie that Trump-sided Republicans have spent years making about America’s “new normal,” which includes its sexist and racist treatment. of a woman of color that he maintains at a higher level than himself. applied to the white man in the Oval Office who daily attacks and demeans American democracy and decency.

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