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Behavior experts advising the UK government have suggested giving people who test negative for coronavirus bracelets that would allow them to travel and enter the premises, while those who did not have bracelets would remain under lockdown .

The Behavioral Insights Team (BIT) produced a PDF report in which it praised the example of Slovakia, where 97% of people the government wanted to test complied.

The figure was so high because health officials told those who refused the test that they would continue to face lockdowns and curfews, while those who complied received paper certificates to them. allowing them to exercise their freedoms.

A similar system is currently being considered for the British who “would regain certain freedoms if they obtained a negative result” while having to wear paper bracelets “to better recognize if they can enter the premises”.

Respondents to the idea called it a “medical tyranny,” although a large number of people are likely to abide by it if it means returning to some semblance of normalcy.

Presumably, bracelets or something similar would also be used to designate those who have and did not take the COVID vaccine when it arrived.

This would then give airports, sports stadiums, bars, restaurants and public transport operators the free field to block anyone who does not have the bracelet.

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The bracelets are also expected to use “smart technology” so that they can be scanned to prevent people from making fraudulent copies, meaning they could also serve as tracking devices.

A more likely outcome, which is being pushed by the World Economic Forum as part of its’ big reset ‘agenda, is that people will be forced to download an app that indicates whether they have tested negative for COVID or s’ they took the vaccine.



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