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Video of a confrontation between health officials in Ventura County, Calif. And owner Anton Van Happen has gone viral. Health officials have ordered Mr. Van Happen to shut down his business because he allegedly violated California’s outdoor eating ban. Mr Van Happen asked health officials if the government would pay its employees and rent while his business was closed indefinitely.

Mr. Van Happen isn’t the only small business owner worried about how to pay his bills during lockouts. Many small businesses operate with a narrow profit margin, so being forced to “temporarily” shut down or limit the number of customers they can serve is a virtual death penalty.

The lockdowns have already resulted in the permanent closure of nearly 200,000 small businesses. Lockouts, by reducing the number of employers, result in long-term unemployment or lower wages for many workers.

While governments have terrorized small businesses, they have generally viewed large chain stores as “essential businesses” to keep them open. Lockdowns are therefore another government policy that gives large companies a competitive advantage over their smaller competitors.

The benefits large companies reap from lockdowns – including fewer competitors, more customers, and a labor market with more workers competing for fewer jobs – may explain why many large companies aren’t fighting lockdowns. Instead, most large retail chains require their employees and customers to wear masks. Many large companies may soon refuse service to those refuse to a Covid vaccine.

You would think that progressives claim to oppose policies that benefit big companies like WalMart, Target and Amazon would oppose lockdowns. Sadly, even many progressives undoubtedly echo Covid propaganda and demonize those disagree.

By slowing the development of herd immunity within the population, lockdowns could put people at real risk in greater danger. The lockdowns have also had negative effects such as increased drug and alcohol and increased domestic violence. During this , many school children are deprived of the opportunity to interact with their teachers and peers. Instead, these children are subject to the “virtual learning” fraud.

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Resistance to the tyranny of Covid is growing as more people realize that lockdowns and warrants are both unnecessary and harmful. Much of this resistance was sparked by small business owners faced with the choice of obeying the government or ensuring that they and their employees can feed their families. Small business owners have been at the forefront of recent lockdown protests across America.

Eventually, resistance will increase to the point where politicians will be forced to overtake authoritarianism or admit lockdowns were a mistake. Either way, those of us know the truth must resist the Covid tyranny until government officials no longer terrorize small businesses for the crime of serving willing consumers.

Now, federal departments are using loopholes in the system to allow a forced vaccination warrant in order to return to work without examination.

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