Governor Kristi Noem Stumps for Trump as COVID-19 ravages South Dakota

EAs South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem continued to reject calls for a mask warrant, declared the pandemic under control, and insisted that state hospitals have plenty of space, Doug Raysby of Sioux Falls died from COVID-19 without getting the intensive care bed his doctor said he needed.

“I think people really recognize that leadership has consequences,” Noem told Fox News on October 21, the day Raysby died. “And what we’re doing in South Dakota is Republican leadership.”

The viewing of Raysby took place four days later, on the same weekend Noem hosted a mass rally in Sioux Falls that included an indoor concert, the latest in a series of events she endorsed at the disregard for CDC protocols. Raysby’s stepson Kalvin, known as Nugget, fell silent in front of the open casket and placed a pencil drawing of the family inside.

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