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California Governor Gavin Newsom said he was considering imposing some form of curfew to help slow the spread of Covid-19 after an upsurge in infections forced the state to tighten restrictions on social distancing in 40 of 58 counties.

“We are considering the notion of a curfew,” Newsom told reporters during a Covid-19 briefing on Monday. “We are evaluating this.” He added that he will review studies from France, Germany and Saudi Arabia on the effectiveness of curfews before making a decision.

California is pressing “emergency brakes” as part of its Covid-19 protocols after seeing a doubling of new cases in the past 10 days, Newsom said. In the last week alone, the number of counties in the highest tier for infection rates, purple, has risen to 41 from 13. This includes most of Southern California and coastal areas, encompassing 94 percent of the state’s population. San Francisco County is among 11 counties in the second tier, red, while only six counties are in the bottom two, orange and yellow, up from 23 a week ago.

The purple-level restrictions force most domestic businesses deemed non-essential to shut down. Some businesses, such as indoor gymnasiums and cinemas, remain closed in the red level, while others may operate with modifications, such as restaurants being prohibited from offering indoor meals.

As cases of Covid-19 increase in the United States as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches next week, several states have placed new or tightened restrictions on indoor gatherings, including Washington and Michigan on Sunday and New Jersey Monday. Newsom stopped before a warrant but advised Californians not to hold gatherings indoors with other households. Previous state guidelines recommended not holding meetings with more than two other households and taking precautions such as wearing masks and keeping windows and doors open.

Newsom, who has been urging Californians for months to avoid meeting with people outside their homes, admitted on Friday he violated his own guidelines by attending a friend’s birthday party at a county restaurant from Napa on November 6. “I want to apologize to you,” he said on Monday. “I need to preach and practice.”

The Newsom administration issued a travel advisory on Friday, asking residents to avoid non-essential out-of-state travel and urging visitors to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival in California. Unlike New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, he stopped before ordering a mandatory quarantine.

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California recorded 1.03 million Covid-19 infections, including 9,890 new cases on Sunday. The virus has been blamed for more than 18,000 deaths in the state. As of Sunday, nearly 10,000 new cases, compared to about 7,200 a week earlier. The 14-day moving average is over 7,000, down from around 4,000 a month ago.

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