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A new order from Michigan Dept. of Health requires cigar and hookah lounge customers to wear face masks at all times.

Under the pretext of preventing the spread of Covid-19, the ordinance published on Monday effectively prohibits customers from smoking, going against the objective of the establishments.

“All smoking lounges in the state must require the wearing of face masks at all times,” reports

The memo says that “businesses that allow smoking on their premises may also be cited for law enforcement violations,” and threatens the businesses with an initial fine of $ 200 and $ 1,000 in fines for subsequent violations.

“This involves requiring masks to be worn whenever people gather and ensuring that operating businesses do so safely, given the ongoing pandemic,” the memo reads. , signed by MDHHS Departmental Analyst Osoff.

Breitbart reports that “As of Wednesday morning, the order was not listed on the MDHHS website.”

In the memo, Osoff distinguishes between removing the masks for eating or drinking, as a Feb. 4 order allows, and removing them to smoke marijuana or tobacco – which is not allowed.

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“Therefore, it is a violation of the order for a person to remove their face mask to smoke tobacco or any other substance (including vaping, marijuana or herbal substances) while participating in a rally. This means that specialty tobacco retail stores, hookah lounges, cigar bars, and other places exempted from Part 126 of the Public Health Code cannot allow smoking in their establishment. .

Expressing his disagreement with the ordinance, Michael Van Beek, research director of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy the timing of ordering is confusing and could further harm medical marijuana users.

“These new rules would two people who don’t live together from smoking in the same area, regardless of whether all other social distancing protocols are maintained,” Van Beek said.

“It even appears to apply to the use of medical marijuana, which could harm the health of many Michiganders. It is difficult to understand why it took more than four for the department to determine that smoking posed a significant risk of transmitting COVID.

The central square notes that nearly all the cigar and hookah parlors they contacted declined to on the recorded order, likely out of fear of retaliation from the tyrannical governor.

The order comes even as Covid-19 cases appear to be on the decline in Michigan, according to data compiled by The New York Times and Google.

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