Johnson and Johnson vaccine tops Google Trends as CDC halts rollout

Searches for the term “Johnson and Johnson vaccine” overtook Google Trends on Tuesday, as the CDC announced it would suspend vaccine rollout over fears of blood clots.

Statistics available through the Trends app on Tuesday showed that the main Google search in the United States was “Johnson and Johnson vaccine,” as millions of Americans hit the search engine to find out why the emergency of experimental vaccines FDA- expeditions had been discontinued.

Google search engine users also received search term suggestions on trending topics on Tuesday, including “Johnson and Johnson vaccine side effects” topping the list.

Research on the term has skyrocketed as the CDC and FDA recommended stopping use of the single-dose J&J vaccine, which has already been given to 6.9 million Americans, saying “they were investigating on unusual clots that occurred 6 to 13 days after vaccination, “depending on the Associated press.

Discussing the vaccine fiasco on a conference call Tuesday morning, the director of the FDA’s Biologics Assessment and Research Center, Dr. Peter Marks, made recommendations on the treatment of patients with blood clots , as CNBC.

“We know that for these vaccines, during the first few days after vaccination, there are flu-like that can include headaches,” he said, adding that these are probably common adverse events. “It would be more likely that a person coming to an emergency room with a very headache or blood clots had a history of vaccination” and a care plan in place. If the patient also has low platelets, doctors should consider that this may be related to the vaccine, he said.

Meanwhile, a study recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows people experience more side effects from Moderna’s Covid vaccine than that produced by Pfizer, which has resulted in six deaths during trials.

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