Gunsmiths inventories skyrocket ahead of Biden victory – Dateway

Inventories of gun manufacturers have skyrocketed over the prospect of a Joe Biden presidency, with physical gun sales likely to follow suit in response to the risk of the Second Amendment being attacked.

After initially plummeting on Wednesday over the likelihood of Trump being re-elected, gun stocks have risen dramatically in the past 48 hours.

“This shouldn’t come as a total surprise since we have been warning for months that Americans, even in the most liberal states, have weapons and ammunition in order to panic,” Zero Hedge reports. “Weapons background checks have reached record levels, increasing 79% year-over-year over the summer amid pandemic fears and violent social unrest plaguing major subways. “

As we reported ahead of the election, gun stores were being “cleaned up” across the country, especially by first-time buyers worried about the prospect of a breakdown in law and order.

Gunmakers like Sturm, Ruger & Co. and Sierra of Clarus Corporation have also reported increased sales of personal protection firearms as America experienced months of unrest and riots after the death of George Floyd.

Fears of mass unemployment under a Biden presidency are also partly boosting interest in guns for self-defense.

Biden campaigned on a gun control policy banning assault weapons, imposing stricter background checks, and ending the sale of guns and ammunition online.

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However, with Republicans retaining control of the Senate, he will face a bitter struggle to water down Second Amendment rights.



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