Hannity sells electoral fraud propaganda in latest Fox News interview

Sean Hannity sells propaganda against electoral fraud, making vague and ambiguous claims without any evidence on Fox News in his latest interview in an effort to help the Trump campaign. Sean Hannity wants to avoid going to court like Tucker Carlson / Alex Jones and be forced to use the entertainment defense. Break Trump’s election news. Follow Destiny ►TWITTER – ►STREAM – ►DISCORD – ►REDDIT – ►INSTAGRAM – In this video, Destiny reacts and debunks Sean Hannity, Fox News and the Republicans as they continue their brazen tale of voter fraud and attack on postal ballots. Republican guests sell lies about electoral integrity. Contextual Videos (Rudy Giuliani Wants to ‘Overcome’ Votes / Election Fraud is Debunked) ►Steven Crowder admits he is upset over Giuliani in an interview – ►Trump CLASHES with Mike Pence at an LNOD press conference – ► Check Out My Amazon: ►Buy My Merch: Joe Biden wins the 2020 election, becoming the president-elect called by Fox News, AP, Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN and other organizations Press . Kamala Harris became the first black female vice president. Parade and victory speech. Democrats celebrate. Meanwhile, Donald Trump loses, facing the golf course, returning to the White House with tears in his eyes, crying. Republicans from MAGA, GOP, Fox News, and Sean Hannity are protesting with copium and selling lies about electoral integrity. Not Fate, but Vaush, but Brian Tyler Cohen, but David Pakman, but Hasan Piker / Daily Destiny / Trump / Democrat / Biden / Election Fraud / Sean Hannity / Fake News Steven Crowder admits he’s upset by Giuliani in an interview / Trump loses compilation ft Tim Pool Sargon Keemstar on copium … #Trump #Hannity.

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