Hannity tracks down Biden’s house, says ‘If you’re still awake … walk outside’

Fox News host Sean Hannity took his already overblown promotion of Hunter Biden laptop history to new heights on Tuesday night, setting up a camera outside the home of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and calling Biden to “come out” and do a live interview to “answer these pressing questions.”

Over the past few days, Trumpworld has moved all-in on the “October surprise” of Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, a series of New York Post stories centered on documents allegedly taken from Hunter Biden’s laptop computer that allegedly show “smoking” evidence of corruption on the part of the Bidens. The emails that have been circulated so far, however, show no direct wrongdoing.

As the conservative media rampaged over the story of the alleged corruption involving China and Ukrainian gas company Burisma, the mainstream media showed restraint in reporting it, due to questions about where the laptop came from. and alleged materials, Giuliani’s reputation as a hatchet man for President Donald Trump, and fears this is part of a targeted disinformation campaign. Credibility issues around the story would exist even in the Publish himself, while reporters declined to have their signatures on the original story and denounced the report’s “fragile” journalistic standards.

Hannity kicked off his program noting that Fox News – whose news division reportedly reported the story initially due to its lack of credibility – is now reporting that a law enforcement official says the FBI agrees that the Hunter Biden’s emails and laptop are not part of a Russian disinformation plot. He then addressed the former vice president through the camera as the screen showed Biden’s dark house.

“Joe Biden, you have a lot of questions to answer,” Hannity said. “It’s time for you to answer them. What did you know When did you find out? Did you take a share of your son’s lousy international compensation for gambling programs? “

Trump’s informal adviser then launched his challenge to the ex-veep.

“I know it’s 9pm EST, Joe, but if you’re still awake, we’ve got a camera right outside your house – right there, right now,” he exclaimed. pointing. “You could walk out of your house, leave the bunker in your basement, come out and answer these pressing questions. We will be happy to hear from you. “

Moments later, with the camera still focused on Biden’s house, the pro-Trump host said the emails showed “Joe and Hunter Biden’s plan may be legitimate” before touting a supposedly damning photograph of the Bidens with a Kazakh oligarch.

“This photo obtained by the New York Post would have shown Joe and Hunter alongside this Kazakh oligarch who wired Hunter Biden and his company for $ 142,000 for a brand new car, ”Hannity said. “And now Fox News can’t independently verify the photo, but guess what? Joe said he never told his son about his business connections abroad. So Joe, do you want to explain the photo?

In particular, the Publish also indicated that they were not able to independently verify the photograph, but decided to publish it anyway.

“Joe, if this is a really big smear campaign like you suggested this weekend when you have a tough question that wasn’t about your milkshake – you can go out, this is the house of Joe Biden, his bunker is inside and the outside light is, ”Hannity said, pointing at the screen again. “Come tell us why. Now we are all ears, you have a full hour of the show. It’s all yours. “

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