Harry Styles trolls Candace Owens’ call to ‘bring back manly men’

Who knew that a man in a robe could still have so many panties of twerps in a twist? Well, many of us, probably – but nonetheless, it was always fascinating to watch the Tories tighten their pearls as Harry Styles became the first man to grace the cover of Vogue, blowing a balloon in a gloriously ruffled dress. Candace Owens led the charge, with the battle cry “Bring back the manly men!” Now Styles has responded to the absurd attacks both in an interview and, more amusingly, in a playful Instagram post.

Wednesday Variety published a cover story with Styles as the hitmaker of the year. The singer also shared a photo of himself from his cover shoot eating a banana in another tousled ensemble. The legend? “Bring back the manly men.”

Styles discussed the dress’s reaction in his interview, largely echoing the points he made in his Vogue profile. “Do not wear [something] because it’s feminine clothes, you shut up a whole world of great clothes, ”he said Variety. “And I think what’s exciting right now is that you can wear whatever you like. It doesn’t have to be X or Y. These lines are more and more blurry. “

This concept is evidently lost on such conservative pundits as Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro, both of whom had great feelings about styles in a dress when the Vogue article published last month.

“No society can survive without strong men. The East knows it ”, Owens tweeted at the time. “In the West, the regular feminization of our men at the same time as Marxism is taught to our children is no coincidence. It is an outright attack. Bring back the manly men. (It’s clear Owens forgot the centuries of Western men wearing stockings, heels, wigs, and other adornments that would have let the styles look downright simple in comparison.)

Nonetheless, Shapiro retweeted Owens with his own absurd thread, add, “It’s perfectly obvious. Anyone who claims it’s not a referendum on masculinity for men to wear floppy dresses is treating you like a complete jerk. ”

Thankfully, it seems Styles doesn’t care too much about what these luminaries have to say. As he said Vogue: “When you remove ‘There is men’s clothing and there is women’s clothing,’ once you remove the barriers, you obviously open the arena where you can play.”

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