Harvard CNN analyst claims ‘Russian agents’ were inside Walter Reed Hospital with Trump – Dateway

A Harvard professor claimed, without providing any evidence, that Russian intelligence officers were able to gain access to Walter Reed Hospital, where President Trump recovered from the coronavirus over the weekend.

Juliette Kayyem, who is also a regular CNN analyst, said it was “very likely” Russian spies were there to gather information on Trump’s condition.

Kayyem, senior lecturer in international security at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, tweeted the bizarre proclamation with “#doctorslietoo”.

Kayyem followed up with a double tweet, asking “What part of this don’t you believe?” as if it was a perfectly rational claim to make.

Other Twitter users responded to the batshit madness:

Kayyem’s claims on Twitter are one thing, but her employer, CNN, has launched programs claiming that Trump’s doctors and staff are all lying and “hiding” the seriousness of her condition:

This despite frequent video updates from Trump, reports of him working normally from Walter Reed, and his release and return to the White House, where he stood and greeted last night before returning to the interior:

Trump urged Americans not to let this situation “dominate” their lives and proclaimed that as a leader he must return quickly:

Owen explains how President Trump can now steer his diagnosis in favor of the American people.

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