He never said the word ‘insurrection’

Moments after President Donald Trump became the first president in history to be impeached twice, Fox News host Pete Hegseth on Wednesday grabbed the straws in a defense: “What happened”, he said, and what’s more, Trump literally never used the word “insurgency.”

Appearing on Fox News’ The five, the flawless pro-Trump Fox & Friends Weekend The host initially excoriated the impeachment process, complaining that “Democratic hyperbole was irrelevant” because they used terms like “sedition” and “insurgency” to describe the Capitol riots in which five people, including a , were killed.

Hegseth, who has spent much of Trump’s tenure advising him to forgive criminals, has spoken out loudly for both the president and the of “Stop the Steal” protesters who gathered in Washington this week. last.

“When you talk to Trump supporters there’s a feeling that for the most part it was a protest that got out of hand,” the host said, describing a rioting riot that left five people dead. “They heard the president speak. He spoke of being peaceful and patriotic.

The pro-Trump host, who has been an enthusiastic stimulus to the president’s false claims about a “stolen” election, then said there was “a lot of frustration on the ground” but the was never incited to be violent.

“In a very large majority, what you did not see from the or from the president’s words was ‘insurgency’ or ‘incitement to violence’,” he said.

Finally, Hegseth shrugged his shoulders about the murderous riot: “What happened has happened. He added, “We can talk about it and deal with it.”

Hegseth’s defense against pro-Trump insurgents was similar to what he said the day after the Capitol riots: “These are people who understand first principles, they love freedom, and they love free markets.

After completely rejecting the insurgent riot and any role Trump in it, Hegseth grumbled about the ten House Republicans who joined Democrats in voting for impeachment, describing them as “right-wing RINOs.” .

“There is not a who seeks to go back to the Bush-Cheney years,” he concluded. “At least the $ 75 million who backed President Trump. I don’t necessarily know what this room is either. It was a messy, sad day.

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