Headlines: William Barr on allegation of electoral fraud in the United States, Lords reject Brexit Home Market bill

Subscribe to the Evening Standard on YouTube: US Attorney General Allowed Prosecutors To Prosecute “Substantial Allegations” Of Voting Irregularities Before Presidential Election Was Certified, Despite Little Evidence of Fraud . William Barr’s action comes days after Democrat Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump and raises the possibility that Mr. Trump will use the Justice Department to try to challenge the outcome. This gives prosecutors the opportunity to circumvent long-standing Justice Department policy that would normally prohibit such overt actions before the election is officially certified. Mr. Trump did not concede the election and instead claims, without evidence, that there was an extensive, multi-state conspiracy by Democrats to skew the vote count in favor of Mr. Biden. Key pieces of Boris Johnson’s controversial Brexit legislation were thrown out in a landslide defeat in the House of Lords. The peers decided to remove controversial clauses from the UK’s Internal Market bill that would allow ministers to break international laws. The Lords voted by 433 to 165, a majority of 268, to reject law-breaking powers after harsh criticism from former Tory leader Michael Howard and former Tory Chancellor Ken Clarke. The government reacted immediately after last night’s result, insisting it would not back down. The former BBC editorial policy official said it “made no difference” if Princess Diana was happy with the way journalist Martin Bashir got his explosive 1995 interview. Richard Ayre – head of the BBC editorial policy at the time – said The Princess of Wales was ‘delighted that the program was out’ and the way the interview was conducted was therefore irrelevant. It has been claimed that Bashir, who conducted the Panorama interview that defined his career 25 years ago, produced false documents and used other questionable methods to win. trusting Diana and her brother Earl Spencer to get the interview. John Boyega said his Pentecostal pastor father was arrested by police on his way home from church. The Star Wars actor, 28, stars as a Metropolitan Police officer. and anti-racism reformer Leroy Logan in Sir Steve McQueen’s anthology series Small Ax. Speaking about his own relationship with the police, the Peckham-born actor recalled how as a child he witnessed salvation. s father being arrested by officers. And finally‚Ķ Paloma Faith spoke of finding long term relationships “difficult” and suggested that people are not meant to “be with the same person for life”. The singer, 39, wonders if being with a life partner is ‘in our nature’ or if it’s something humans do because of ‘society’s expectations’ in the latest issue of Overdue magazine. Faith has a long-standing relationship with artist Leyman Lahcine, with whom she has a three-year-old daughter. She is currently pregnant with her second baby – who was conceived after several cycles of IVF. Before Lachine, she was married to Rian Haynes, chef, between 2005 and 2009.

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