Healthcare worker suffers severe reaction after Pfizer vaccine – Report – Dateway

A worker in New York City suffered a severe allergic reaction after receiving Pfizer’s vaccine against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Newsweek magazine reported citing officials.

The magazine said the person had been treated and was in stable condition. No further information was immediately available.

“Vaccines have side effects and allergic reactions – although rare – are known to occur. We also know that based on clinical trials and adverse reaction reports in other jurisdictions, reactions like these are rare but have been reported with the Pfizer vaccine, ”the of Health said on Wednesday. and New York Mental Hygiene in a statement cited by Newsweek.

He said the case became the first of its kind among more than 30,000 people in the city.

The United States has cleared two vaccines – produced by Pfizer and Moderna – for ongoing mass vaccination.

Each vaccine is given as two injections with an interval of several weeks between injections. The of is in charge of vaccine distribution as part of the Trump administration’s Operation Speed.

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