Helena Bonham Carter says ‘the Crown’ has a ‘moral responsibility’ to admit it’s fiction

Helena Bonham Carter, who plays Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth’s troubled younger sister, in the hit Netflix series The crown, said she believed those involved in the show had a “moral responsibility” to stress that the show was not factual.

The intervention of Bonham Carter, which comes from a new official The crown podcast, seems likely to put additional pressure on the streaming giant to foreshadow the show with a warning similar to the “true story-based” phrase commonly used in Hollywood movies. The UK Culture Minister has already urged such a move, saying of the show: ‘This is a beautifully produced work of fiction, so like other TV productions Netflix should be very clear at the start. , that’s just it. Without it, I fear that a generation of viewers who have not experienced these events will take the fiction for fact. “

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