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As Congress prepares to pass a $ 900 billion COVID-19 stimulus bill embedded in a consolidated credit package – with for household and business relief, as well as vaccine distribution and other measures related to the pandemic, the bill also includes a ton of pork per habit.

We already know the $ 600 checks for each adult and dependent. This time around, however, “mixed-status” households where eligible citizens live with illegal immigrants will not only receive payments – they can retroactively claim benefits after being excluded from the last round.

The bill also includes $ 300 per week in enhanced unemployment benefits, and would extend unemployment to 50 weeks for state and federal programs, up from the standard 26 weeks.

And now, on pork … which includes billion abroad, US Army arms purchases that go beyond their budgets, $ 40 for the Kennedy Center, and almost $ 200 so that federal HIV / AIDS workers overseas can purchase cars and auto insurance, among other things.


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A minimum of $ 3.3 billion in grants to Israel.

Is also included $ 453 to Ukraine, on top of the $ 400 ultimately released by Trump. It’s unclear how much of this goes to the “big guy”.

$ 10 for “gender programs” in Pakistan.

$ 1.3 billion to Egypt, and $ 700 million to Sudan.

135 million dollars for Burma, 85.5 million dollars for Cambodia, 1.4 billion dollars for an “Asia Reassurance Initiative Act” and 130 million dollars for Nepal.


$ 4 billion for the purchase of Navy weapons, $ 2 billion for the Space Force and $ 2 billion for Air Force missiles.


$ 208 million to upgrade the Census Bureau’s computer systems ( couldn’t have waited for the next in 2030?).

$ 40 million for Kennedy Center and to discourage teens from drinking and hooking up.

$ 193 million for federal HIV / AIDS workers to buy cars and auto insurance overseas, and a feminist museum.

of a consumer education commission “On the dangers associated with using or storing portable fuel containers for flammable liquids near an open flame.” (What?)

Just remember, $ 600 is a important amount…

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