Here’s how Rudy Giuliani’s push for a preventive forgiveness could backfire

It’s the last breath of Donald Trump’s administration, and it means it’s time to apologize to a subset of American criminals. Those who are most likely to succeed, if the past is a prologue, are those who are Trump supporters, who have some kind of celebrity connection, or who knew about Trump’s misconduct, but kept the silence.

A person would have looked for a preemptive forgiveness is none other than Rudy Giuliani. While the president’s personal lawyer disputed the New York Times reports Tuesday that the two men discussed a pardon as recently as last week – which would mean that the two men who are furiously fighting the election results are well aware that Trump lost the election and will step down next month – he did not say in particular that he had not discussed a pardon or that he would not accept one.

Imagine what old Rudy Giuliani, a United States prosecutor, murderer and thorn in the side of organized crime, would think of the current iteration, a man under investigation by the office he headed to try to persuade Trump to save him from the possibility of going to federal prison for his corrupt behavior.

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