High school coach fired after refusing to apply ‘insane’ outdoor masks during sports – Dateway

Track coach Bradley Keyes told reporters in New Hampshire he was fired after refusing to force students to wear masks outdoors while engaged in athletic activities.

Coach Keyes was working at Pembroke Academy when she introduced an outside mask policy, which he calls “insane, irrational and cowardly bullshit.”

“I will not stand in front of the kids to lie to them and tell them that these masks do something worthwhile in an open field with the wind and the shining,” Keyes explained in a letter to the sports director. from school.

Keyes added that “these senseless rob children of unique opportunities in their lives for no good reason other than irrational fears and go with the sheep.

The coach put his own work on the line by adding “fire me if you have to”, and he says the school made him do just that.


Keyes said he wanted to “make the case” that people were just accepting drastic restrictions, adding “I just think people haven’t backed down and I decided it was to do it.”

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In another post, the coach wrote, “One of the fundamental parts of all of this is learning to play by the rules. The rules [sic] meant to be in place to create a level playing field, to let everyone know what is expected and allowed, and then let the best man, woman or team win. Except now we’re adding arbitrary, crazy, and poorly thought out rules. “

Having to wear masks to run and practice sports and fitness is dangerous according to the World Health Organization:

Coach Keyes was absolutely doing his job correctly, protecting the health and fitness of his students, but he was fired simply for daring to question the orthodoxy of the mask.

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