‘History will reflect the good work’ Trump did: Pompeo

People will look back and see that President Donald Trump and his administration did some good things, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said.

“Listen, what happened that day was terrible, and I have said over and over again that the people who are engaged in this activity must be identified, prosecuted, and they are criminals and should be treated as such. Pompeo said of January 6. violation of the US Capitol.

“But history will reflect on the good work this president and our administration have done. These books will be written about the changes we have made in the world, the recognition we have taken of reality, sovereignty, respect for fundamental dignity and human rights, a return to the founding principles of a way that previous administrations had not done. . I’ll let others write it down, but I think those actions – the real things that happened – will be reflected in a way that shows that a good job has been done on behalf of the American people.

Pompeo was speaking on the “Hugh Hewitt Show”.

Pompeo spent most of the interview discussing the Chinese Communist Party and the Trump administration’s relatively tough stance against it, compared to previous administrations.

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President Donald Trump speaks with reporters on the South Lawn of the White House before boarding Marine One in Washington, January 12, 2021 (Drew Angerer / Getty Images)

Asked if he was concerned that a Joe Biden administration was essentially President Barack Obama’s third term, Pompeo said, “I don’t want to comment on the people, but politics matters a lot.

“You have seen President Trump and our administration present a robust response to the great competition of force that the Chinese Communist Party presents in the United States. We think we have the right end of the stick on this. We think this is the right direction to travel. We believe the American people demand it, ”he said.

“We have seen the world react in a positive way. We have seen the Australians do a remarkable job of pushing back. We have seen the Japanese, the South Koreans. We have developed the Quad now with the Indians which is very powerful just saying no, we are not trying to punish, we are not trying to contain China. We just demand that they engage in the world in a way that great nations with great economies, powerful armies – we haven’t even talked about their missile program and nuclear program – with countries who have a real capacity to destabilize and build the world. not sure – there is a requirement, there is a responsibility that goes with it. And the United States should lead – whoever is President of the United States should lead – the way forward in responding to the Communist Party of China in this way.

Pompeo told The Epoch Times in a recent interview that America ignored the nature of the Communist Party.

“President Trump acknowledged that when he started his campaign and then when he took office, we have now fundamentally changed the way I think the West looks at China, not just the United States, even if you look at Europe, Australia and the South East. Asia, they know the Chinese Communist Party is useless, ”Pompeo said.

“We have been involved in a very serious counterterrorism campaign, and rightly so. We have looked away from this huge threat and now it’s upon us. It is now inside the doors. The Chinese Communist Party is here in America, and the Trump administration has started in all dimensions to turn the ship in the right direction, to get America to do the right thing again and to protect itself from this communist threat. in China.

Pompeo, while addressing Hewitt, also touched on how the Trump administration has “recognized the reality” by branding the Houthis as a terrorist regime in the context of a perspective that even critics admit has changed. the functioning of the Middle East. Trump has spearheaded peace deals between several countries and Israel while firmly opposing Iran and its influence.

Jan Jekielek contributed to this report.

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