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Tech company Hitachi has developed a “ fish bubble ” that boosts social distancing by essentially humiliating anyone who gets too close to another person in public.

“Japanese tech companies are stepping in to help prevent coronavirus infections,” NHK News reports, with a clip of the “fish bubble” in action.

To “make sure people keep their distance”, the system uses sensors to detect people’s locations, then projects a 2-meter circle around their body that represents cartoon fish swimming inside. the bubble.

If a person breaks the 2-meter rule, the fish “escapes” from the bubble and presumably the person is warned to change their behavior.

Only your patronage to our store is what keeps this beacon of truth lit in narrative controlled darkness.

The promotional video boasts that the technology “can even be deployed inside elevators” and Hitachi “hopes to bring it to market quickly.”

Given that China is already associating social distancing technology with its expensive social rating system, how long before people start receiving fines and other penalties for violating social distancing?

“Sorry, Winston, your fish escaped the bubble three times today, that’s a 10 point deduction from your social credit score.” You are not allowed to use the internet and you will not be able to make non-essential purchases for 7 days. “

As we pointed out earlier, companies are developing all kinds of weird bubbles and pods to facilitate social distancing in a post-corona “normal new” world.

Just like mask warrants, how long before it all becomes a necessity just to go about your day-to-day business?



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