Hollywood advocates for Chris Pratt only cry bully when white men’s feelings are hurt

Every few months on Twitter, ordinary people rank the Hollywood Chrises. Among Chris Pine, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt, one of them – as they say – has to go. Almost every time Wonder woman the Pine piece comes out easily on the top while Thor‘s Hemsworth slowly follows in second place. Captain america’s Chris Evans, God bless him, does not have to raise the caboose because necessarily, it is always Pratt, of guardians of the galaxy and Parks and recreation fame, which can be sacrificed in the make-believe world where just three chiseled Chrises can reach superhero franchise heaven.

Strangely enough, several of Pratt’s famous friends and franchise co-stars have come together to scoldingly defend White Gutter actor Chris, including Mark Ruffalo, Josh Gad, James Gunn and – help us – Zoe Saldana (who said “people of color” before later putting on Blackface and a prosthetic nose to play Nina Simone in a widely released film that she recently said she regretted doing). Ruffalo, known almost as much for his progressive political campaign as he is for his acting, was the most surprising actor to stand up for Pratt, writing, in a strangely covering tweet:

“All of you, @prattprattpratt is as tough a man as there is. I know him personally, and instead of criticizing him, look at how he lives his life. As a rule, it is just not overtly political.

Ruffalo’s statement is not just in response to Chris’ totally unserious ranking, but to the reasoning of some Twitter users for putting Pratt last: He attends Hillsong, a Hollywood-style evangelical church that condemns the homosexuality and never openly contradicted the position of the church; he did not attend the anti-Trump fundraisers with the rest of the former Parks and recreation throw away; and on Twitter and Instagram, he follows several reactionary personalities, politicians and conservative media organizations, such as Ben Shapiro, Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse and PragerU.

In an industry where a very loud fanatic like Mel Gibson can still have an Oscar nominated career (his next major role is as a gritty Santa Claus), you can imagine why the humble non-celebrity Twitter folks would cast criticism on the money. -the stars who refuse to speak out against injustice and instead seem to listen to Ben Shapiro’s rants on YouTube. Hollywood’s own standards, like Pratt’s ranking among the Chrises, are so low that the only institutions left to hold anyone accountable are inactive Twitter dwellers, using their screens to hide from a pandemic and encouraging it. government who together spent the summer systematically wiping out black people. the people and the poor.

Too much control to leave the Twitter plebs alone to talk about their shit, box office players must protect themselves from any perceived decline in marketing.

Of course, Iron Man stepped in to offer his own valiant defense of the most dubious Chris. On Instagram, Robert Downey Jr. – who has grown increasingly smarmy since resuming his career over the previous decade – wrote:

“What a world … The ‘sinless’ throw stones at my #brother, Chris Pratt … A true #Christian who lives by #principle, has never shown anything other than #positivity and #gratitude. .. married into a family that makes room for civil discourse and (quite simply) INSISTS on service as the highest value. If you disagree with Chris, I have an original idea. Delete your social media accounts, sit down with your OWN #character flaws, work on them, then celebrate your humanity … @prattprattpratt I #gotyerbackbackback. “

Analyzing such a statement will require a certain degree of careful reading. Downey shines a light on Pratt’s Christianity, sarcastically calling critics of the latter’s Twitter poll “sinless” while genuinely calling his BFF celebrity “principle”[d]. Downey also works in an awkward take for the Schwarzenegger-Shriver dynasty, a cynical “bipartisan” union that benefits from the revisionist history of the Trump era. Pratt “married” into the family by marrying Katherine Schwarzenegger, who herself came to her husband’s defense by exposing “cyberbullying”. All of this would be disturbing if it wasn’t hilarious that a very wealthy white man, with a successful career and lots of wealthy and powerful friends and in-laws, had to rally his people to defend his growing conservatism. apparent (and dislike of other Chrises) of bored people on Twitter. Notably, none of the actors who stood up for Pratt did the same for Tessa Thompson or Brie Larson, who were the target of racist and misogynistic attacks – respectively, and for Thompson, both – of Marvel fans.

The Pratt case is so central in the world of digital pop culture not because it inherently matters, but because it is analogous to the disproportionate influence of the rich and patriarchal in modern society. Too much control to leave the Twitter plebs alone to talk about their shit, box office players must protect themselves from any perceived decline in marketing. Yet this microcosm offers some hope for what a stubborn refusal can do for the masses: like Gal Gadot’s squeaky video “Imagine” from the start of the year that “just didn’t transcend”, the appeal Rallying of the Avengers in Pratt’s real life won’t get him to high.

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