Hollywood leftists spit bad slurs at Pence and his wife after debate Dateway

The usual left-wing Hollywood crowd directed a torrent of abuse against Vice President Mike Pence following a debate he clearly won, mainly because Kamala Harris’s performance was so robotically horrific.

Left-wing celebrities, who are definitely talking about America for the time being, have taken to Twitter to express outrage that their candidate has been made an idiot.

Conan O’Brien said Pence’s performance had “locked the vote of white suburban firefighters”.

Actress Lea DeLaria spat out a verbal attack on Pence and his wife, writing, “I know you publicly call your wife ‘mother’ @VP, but what do you call her when she ties you up?”

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Another actor Bradley Whitford, whoever he was, compared Pence to a pedophile priest:

Another “actor”, Billy Eichner made his point on Pence with the elegance of a crazy crazy crackle:

This is the same left-wing Hollywood crowd that broke their brains for an effective method of defeating Trump / Pence, and offered to strip as a solution:

When they come down …

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