House Dems fears it will be “torn apart in 2022” – Dateway

House Democrats are apparently furious with their election performance, with Virginia Rep. Abigail Spanberger reportedly saying on a conference call “if we relaunch this race we’ll be torn apart again in 2022.”

The Democrats did not expand their majority and ended up losing many seats that pre-election polls said they would win.

With final results not yet finalized, some even believe Democrats could lose the House in a last-minute shock.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reportedly been the victim of a barrage of recriminations from House Democrats.

“We have lost races that we should not have lost. Defund’s police almost cost me my ride because of an attack announcement. Never say socialism again, ”said Virginia representative Abigail Spanberger.

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She warned that if the party didn’t “get back to basics” it would be “torn apart again in 2022”.

“Congressional Democratic Campaign Committee (DCCC) chairwoman Representative Cheri Bustos reportedly criticized polls and participation models as the reason Democrats did not do as well as expected,” reports the Daily Caller .

Nancy Pelsoi apparently disagreed and claimed Democrats now have a “mandate.”

Given Democrats’ poor performance in the House and Senate, Trump supporters have wondered why Joe Biden seems to have done so much better in comparison.

As we pointed out earlier, in changing states like Georgia, Biden received nearly 96,000 more votes than the Democratic senator on the same ticket.



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