How Christian crowdfunding site GiveSendGo became Trumpist Rage’s go-to site

Software engineer Dennis Montgomery has made a living making silly claims that fail.

His company received millions from the CIA during the George W. Bush administration with the idea that he had a program that could find secret Al Qaeda transmissions – a promise that experts said was entirely fictitious. . Then he convinced the controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio that he could find secret messages showing a judge complicity with law enforcement against Arpaio, a promise that once again fell short. not carried out.

Now, as Trump supporters scramble to prove the president really won, Montgomery has promoted the idea that the election was stolen by an infamous pair of CIA programs called Hammer and Scorecard.

So far, Montgomery and his supporters – a list that includes Ret. Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney and former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, who made headlines, have produced no evidence that Hammer and Scorecard exist outside of Montgomery’s imagination. Montgomery’s claims were also easily refuted by government officials.

But there is one place where Montgomery succeeds: GiveSendGo, a hitherto little-known Christian crowdfunding site originally intended for missionaries. A GiveSendGo page bearing Montgomery’s name raised more than $ 27,000 for him, with a promise to take on the Deep State’s election meddling and stop a socialist takeover of America.

“Keep pressing Dennis!” wrote an anonymous donor who gave $ 5,000 to Montgomery last week.

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