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For months, the American people have been told that we may not know the presidential winner right away as we normally do.

So if we are not going to have a winner on November 3, when will we finally have a clear result?

Well, that will depend on how long it takes to count the votes, and it will be different for each state.

I know that’s a frustrating answer, but each of our 50 states has different election laws, and things got really complicated in 2020 by the fact that so many people will be voting by mail.

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So far, more than 46 million Americans have already voted by mail, and that number continues to grow day by day.

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Some states allow the counting of postal ballots before election day, but a majority of states do not.

A majority of states will not start counting the ballots until the morning of election day or after the close of polling stations. Most counting rules have remained unchanged this year, although some states have adjusted their deadlines due to the pandemic to ease the burden of increased postal votes.

So that means there will be tens of millions of ballots in the mail that will be piled up waiting to be counted in addition to all the ballots that arrive on election day.

I am sorry for those who have to open all these ballots and make them count, because it will be a monumental task.

As I discussed yesterday, there are six key states that will roughly determine the outcome of this election. In three of them, the lack of sufficient advance in the counting of the ballots risks considerably delaying the results of the vote …

But the final results in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan might not be clear on election night, as those states are expected to be the three slowest to count the high volume of mail-in votes.

The reason: Pennsylvania and Wisconsin don’t allow processing of mail-in ballots until election day and Michigan only has a 10-hour start, compared to other states that are starting and who can start the process days or weeks in advance.

Whoever wins Pennsylvania is likely to win the presidency, but it might be a while before we get a final result from that state.

You see, the truth is that counting mail-in ballots is much more tedious than running regular ballots through a machine. There are several steps involved, and each step takes time …

Processing mail-in ballots typically involves steps before tabulating them – such as removing them from the envelope, confirming voter eligibility, matching signatures to what is recorded, and scanning them.

And in addition to everything else, sometimes unexpected problems arise.

For example, ballot counting machines in one county in Texas have “rejected about a third of the mail-in ballots” and authorities are scrambling to fix that …

Ballot scanners reject about one-third of mail-in ballots returned by voters in Tarrant County. The issue has affected more than 22,000 ballots to date.

Polling station members now work 12-hour shifts to accurately reproduce ballots so they can be counted.

As I said before, you will want to vote in person to give yourself the best chance of getting your vote counted.

In addition to everything I’ve discussed before, it’s important to remember that postal votes will continue to be accepted in many states long after Election Day ends.

I know this sounds really weird, but that’s what’s really going to happen. In fact, Washington State will count the votes received until November 23 …

The last day to vote in person in the general election is November 3. Postal and postal ballots must generally be received or postmarked before that date, if not earlier, depending on state rules. This leaves room for mail-in ballots to be received after polling day. In Washington State, mail-in ballots received as late as November 23 are still valid, provided they were postmarked by November 3.

National polls have shown Biden voters are much more likely to vote by mail, and Trump voters are much more likely to vote in person.

Votes cast in person will be counted very quickly. Meanwhile, mailed votes will take weeks to count.

The mainstream media and big tech companies have worked very hard to mentally prepare us for a massive “blue turn” after Election Day. One of the reasons they are so adamant that Trump should not declare victory on November 3 is because they are convinced that Joe Biden will eventually win once all the ballots are finally counted.

In some states we will have the final results almost immediately, but in other states the count could take several weeks.

But the count cannot take too long, because according to the law, the results of the elections must be officially certified within certain deadlines …

According to Ballotpedia, citing state laws, six states must certify election results within one week of general elections; 26 states and Washington, DC, have a deadline between November 10 and November 30; 14 have a deadline in December, and four have no deadline in their national laws.

Among the major battlefield states, these deadlines range from November 11 (Pennsylvania) to December 1 (Nevada and Wisconsin). For a potential battleground in Texas, it’s December 3.

I don’t know how some of these states will eventually meet those deadlines.

In particular, I have no idea how Pennsylvania will count by November 11. I hope they have a large army of counters and lots of coffee.

To give you an idea of ​​how long it takes to count the mail-in ballots, just consider what we witnessed in California earlier this year …

Take this year’s California primary, in which 5.8 million people voted for president. Only 3 million of these ballots were counted on election night; the remaining 2.8 million votes took another seven weeks to count, pollster and political analyst John Couvillon said.

If it took California seven weeks to count a few million mail-in ballots, how is Pennsylvania going to count a similar number of mail-in ballots in just one week?

Personally, I predict this election will be a colossal mess. As I documented in The Most Important News, voting anomalies have already emerged across the country, and I think counting all the ballots in the mail is going to take a lot longer than expected.

And any legal battle over the counting of votes will only make the process even more painful.

We were once a great example to the rest of the world, but in 2020 we’re going to show the rest of the planet the wrong way to run an election, and that’s a shame.

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