How Melania Trump destroys her friends

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff considered Melania Trump a friend – more than a friend, really. Wolkoff even followed Melania to Washington, DC, helping produce the 2017 grand opening and advising the incoming first lady. But when stories started to come out about the insane overspending at the inauguration, Wolkoff says Melania threw her to the wolves – allowing Wolkoff to take the blame in the press and kick her out of the White House.

“I begged her to come out and say that I was her friend, I was faithful. No nothing. So the betrayal, the pain of it, it was like… I gave up my whole life for this woman. No one else would help Melania. I mean, she was alone, ”Wolkoff tells Molly Jong-Fast in the latest episode of The New Abnormal. “I should have known better. She’s like her husband.

So Wolkoff began recording his calls with Melania – calls which formed part of the basis of his book, Melania and me. Improbably, Wolkoff and the First Lady continued to speak, even after Wolkoff was kicked out.

When Melania wore that famous “I Don’t Care” jacket on a trip to a migrant children’s center, Wolkoff called.

Their mutual friend, fashion designer Hervé Pierre, was attacked online for the fiasco because he had made dresses for Melania in the past. But that jacket was a $ 39 item from Zara. Wolkoff asked the first lady: would she clear things up? Say something in public?

Melania admits that Pierre “had nothing to do with this jacket”. But she refuses to make any sort of statement on his behalf. Instead, Melania laughs, “I’m driving the Liberals crazy for sure. And you know… they deserve it.

Wolkoff was horrified. “When I sent [Pierre] the photograph [of the jacket], he immediately responded by saying, “Is this Photoshop?” “And I desperately wanted to say yes,” Wolkoff told Jong-Fast. “He was devastated.

“There is so much harshness,” Wolkoff continues. “Even just trying to get [Pierre] paid to collaborate with her and make her first dress, it was like pulling teeth. There is no empathy or remorse that here is someone who has been blamed for being known as their ‘stylist’. “

Times like these – and the occasional firing at the inauguration – allowed Wolkoff to tape conversations with a woman she had once been so closely associated with.

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