How my once apolitical church became Trump’s home

It started with prayers. He’s our president, after all, so the call to pray for Donald Trump seemed harmless enough. The charismatic, non-denominational church I had attended had never been political – that was not our goal. We had a diverse multiracial and socio-economic congregation. A food bank. A prison ministry. A large banner on the side of our modest brick building read, “Experience the love of God”. And I had.

In March 2020, with the COVID-19 epidemic, the services went online. In May, our governor, Doug Ducey of Arizona, authorized the reopening of previously closed businesses. Places of worship (although technically free to meet from the start) may resume limited in-person services. I chose to watch online from the security of my home.

As the election approaches, I noticed a change. The sermons took on an increasingly martial tone. We were in a “spiritual battle”. Dark forces had been unleashed on our nation. Prayer warriors must “lock the shields” and “continue the offensive”. The pastor compared himself to Paul Revere, a patriot “sounding the alarm”. Yes, love was important, but we weren’t supposed to just ‘sit down and sing kum-ba-yah’.

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