How reading helped me navigate the pandemic

It took me about a month after the lockdown started in March to get my bearings, to really understand, that is, what the new COVID-19 reality was going to look like for a long time: essentially stuck in a tank of deprivation cultural forever.

At first I joked with friends and colleagues that I could handle my forties better than a lot of people, since I’m already a half-hermit anyway, I don’t watch a lot of sports, I won’t go not in bars and I can pretty much take in or go out to eat. I would miss live music and cinema, and I would miss my colleagues and friends, but other than that I thought everything would be fine.

I wasn’t entirely wrong, although my God, this pandemic, like everything else this year, lasts. Who would have thought before 2020 this frenzy West wing would be considered a form of self-medicating therapy.

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Dear God, these things really happened in 2020

Celeb Docs Dr Drew, Dr Oz and Dr Phil failed us during COVID. Let’s leave them in 2020 where they belong.