How to best illuminate your living room, office and bedroom

As we continue to spend more time at home, I have tried to make mine as comfortable as possible for everything I do. As we approach the winter months and the natural light decreases, I take steps to prepare my space and try to make it ideal for working and relaxing. But I’m probably not an interior designer like you (and if you are, help me). Fortunately, I recently had the chance to speak with Tommy Lei (follow his Instagram @mybelonging), who gave me some tips for better lighting spaces, like a bedroom, living room, and home office.

Tommy first mentioned how lighting is often overlooked in creating the perfect space. “Lighting is a great way to add function and aesthetics to a space, especially in the darker months,” he said and mentioned that “with lighting you try to boost the mood in a space, in order to create ones that are ideal for chilling out, relaxing or working, without getting too stressed out. “

Throughout our conversation, Tommy recommended all Gantri lamps. We love Gantri – if you haven’t heard of them, they make amazing 3D printed lights by top designers, and the lighting is museum quality. They are also made in a sustainable manner. Due to this sustainability practice, the lamps will likely be delivered within a month of purchase, as the company aims to ensure there is no waste by making them to order. However, if that isn’t for you, don’t worry. To complement her picks, we’ve released a few of our own non-Gantri picks.

Starting in the living room, Tommy discussed the importance of ambient lighting and layered lighting. If you place two lamps lit the same way in different corners of a room, you can “create a balanced layer of light without having dark pockets.” This creates an atmosphere of comfort, of harmony. You’ll have a more focused light closer to the lamps, sure, but when you look up your eyes won’t need to adjust so drastically.

For ideal stacked lighting, Tommy recommended the Gio floor lamp by Gantri, as well as the Word table lamp. The Gio floor lamp, he said, “is ideal for sticking in a corner, to create the perfect reading nook. While the Word Table Light is ideal to be placed on a multimedia console. There it will create enough lighting in a room “without being overwhelming”. It’s also a work of art, so it’s something you’ll want to make act as almost a centerpiece in the room, which is important.

As a little extra touch, Tommy suggested placing a candle on the coffee table as a way to add some more mood lighting.

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For your home office, Tommy recommended a light that “mimics sunlight as much as possible”. You want something that’s around “800 lumens,” he said, “and not much more.” This is because “you are already receiving a lot of blue light from your computer screen, so you need to balance that light with the light on your desk.” Here, Tommy pointed out that “lighting is important to create an environment where you are not stressed out, while still being able to focus on the details. Too much blue light will make you anxious and stressed out.

To achieve this, Tommy suggested the Gio table lamp. Indeed, “Gantri’s light does a great job of balancing blue and warmer lights, to create an ideal lighting environment in which to work.”

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Anglepoise Type 75 desk lamp

Finally, Tommy recommended using accent lighting in the bedroom. He said, “The lighting should be a little lower, a little darker, and you should get ready to rest. So you want your light to help you relax. He said televisions are banned because of the blue light, but instead he suggested a light like the Gio wall light, or even the Word table lamp. just the right amount of lighting. It’s like a spa, a relaxed atmosphere where you can just be.

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While some of these may seem like hard and fast rules, Tommy insisted, “What’s great about lighting is its flexibility. Lighting is extremely versatile, and the most important thing is having fun with it and finding out what you like and think works best. “

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