How to remove stains from sweaters

Few laundry nightmares are worse than getting a stubborn stain from an item that can only be dry cleaned. I hate running unnecessary errands and also have too many pieces with labels that say “DRY CLEAN ONLY”, and so I have tried every home laundry method I could find on my fabrics and silhouettes. sensitive. I’ve hand washed countless sweaters in my kitchen sink, stain-treated coats before steaming them with essential oil infused water, and even rid of items with a razor for the body. While these methods worked quite well, they weren’t perfect. Hand washing items in the sink itself is fine (still my favorite way to wash knits) but I struggled to find a detergent that was both soft on the fibers and stain resistant. My steam-infused approach to cleaning coats was an immediate and easy fix for freshening up the scent, but it quickly faded and running a razor down my sweaters was nerve-racking. The last thing I wanted to do was accidentally shave a hole in it. All of that anxiety was gone once I tried the Laundress’s Wool and Cashmere Kit.

I first discovered The Laundress after discovering a months-old espresso stain on one of my favorite Harry-Burns-inspired sweaters while unpacking my cold clothes this year (in truth, I discovered stains on a lot of sweaters that I had hidden at the beginning of the summer). When my usual trick of dabbing the stain with soda water didn’t work, I was interested to see if there was a way to save the sweater without going to the dry cleaner or running it through my machine. to wash. And that’s where the laundress came in. The Laundress Kit includes everything you need to take care of your knits, and includes a wool and cashmere shampoo, stain remover, wool and cashmere spray and a sweater comb. Since sweaters usually don’t need to be washed after every wear, the seemingly small 16-ounce bottle of concentrated shampoo helped me a lot. But the task solution is the real MVP of the bundle. Even though it’s only a 16-ounce solution, it passed the ultimate test: getting rid of the month-old espresso stain easily.

Most importantly, it’s easy to use. If the stain is new, you will dab a small amount of the stain solution onto the area before washing it by hand or machine. If it’s a residual stain, you’ll want to pretreat the stain by soaking it in lukewarm water after applying the solution, but before washing it off. It’s quick, simple, and makes the pre-existing stain a distant memory. I use the spray, which has the same cedar scent as the shampoo, to quickly refresh my pieces between wears and before putting them away so that I don’t need to wash them after each wear, and the sweater comb removes them. pills faster and easier, than my previous approach to the body razor.

Now, with the help of The Laundress, I can fool people into believing my years old sweaters and coats are new, avoid going to the dry cleaner and don’t panic when I spill something, even on my highest maintenance. pull (which happens more often than I would like to admit).

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