How to Spice Up Your Kitchen Using Organic Sources

If you are like me, this pandemic has made me move closer to my kitchen. Spending time at home with the family has meant more home cooked meals and in doing so I have had the opportunity to really sit down and reflect on what we are consuming and how they are. purchased. For the most part, I was really shocked at how spices that are ethnically less common don’t always receive the same care in their preparation. It was then that I discovered Spice Tree Organics, co-founded by two Muslim mothers, Doaa and Freda.

I’ve learned how the spice industry is severely under regulated here in the United States, and that the conventional non-organic spices we buy everywhere are not only grown with pesticides, but also sterilized by radiation. This combines with pesticides to form new toxic compounds and free radicals. “It really made us angry and crushed us that we were going out of our way to buy all that meat and expensive organic produce for our families, but then ruin them with the store bought spices we were cooking with. Doaa said. “We researched organic alternatives to the spice blends we normally use in our daily cooking (shawerma, zaatar, tandoori, sazon, etc.) but found they tasted inauthentic and tasteless. We could tell that no one from those cultures had checked or tested the taste of these blends, and we thought we could do it right and do it better, so we launched Spice Tree Organics.

The really cool thing about Spice Tree Organics is that they source high quality, organic, steam sterilized spices for their blends, but they don’t add any salt, or fillers, preservatives or anti-caking agents in their mixtures. I only got pure spices by trying their blends and they all come in small batches. Each hand-blended spice comes with an information card explaining why organic spices are a better choice. Because cooking with global spices may be new to some, they also offer recipes on their site and a free recipe card with each of their products.

They have even introduced “street food” blends, like their bestselling NYC Halal Cart, or the Greek Table (gyro) and Turkish Table (kabab) blends, making it incredibly easy for anyone to recreate these comfort food dishes. the House.

NYC Halal Cart Spice Blend

Beiruti Za’atar spice blend

Spice Tree Organics Best Seller Organic Spice Set

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