How Trump’s GOP stopped worrying and grew to love riots

Tasos Katopodis / Getty

When I was a kid college Republicans were mostly seen as harmless nerds, and the iconic “young Republican” was Alex P. Keaton, the preppy young Reaganite played by Michael J. Fox on television. Family ties. Sure, there were the occasional kooks, but they were out of the mainstream.

Somewhere along the way, the Republicans decided to abandon the crisp image in favor of a sharper atmosphere. They got rid of that preppy ‘square’ suburban image to seduce Roseanne elector. In doing so, they became less attractive and adopted additional behaviors that I found repulsive.

What is amazing is that this transformation of the modern Republican Party was a solution that needed a problem. For reasons that escape me, in 2016, Republicans concluded that this “Flight 93 election” required electing Donald trump. Since then, the GOP has rotted from the inside like a Trump casino. Every day, I hear ideas or words coming from Republicans that seem jarring to my Reagan-Tory ears.

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