How will Trump’s election fraud message affect Biden’s transition?

Vowing “to get to work,” President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday ignored President Donald Trump’s staunch refusal to accept the election result as “inconsequential,” even as Democrats warned elsewhere that the president’s actions Republican were dangerous. Raising unsubstantiated allegations of electoral fraud, Trump barred the new president from receiving briefings and withheld federal funding intended to facilitate the transfer of power. Trump’s resistance, backed by senior Republicans in Washington and across the country, could also prevent background investigations and security clearances for potential staff and access to federal agencies to discuss transition planning. . As some Democrats and former Republican officials have warned of serious consequences, Biden has sought to lower the national temperature by speaking to reporters from a makeshift transitional headquarters near his home in downtown Wilmington. He described Trump’s stance as nothing more than an “embarrassing” mark on the legacy of the incumbent president, while predicting that Republicans on Capitol Hill would eventually come to terms with the reality of Biden’s victory. Republican resistance, Biden said, “doesn’t change the dynamic at all in what we’re capable of doing.” Additional briefings on the intelligence “would be helpful,” Biden added, but “we don’t see anything slowing us down.” The measured comments come as Biden prepares to face dueling national crises that actively threaten the health, safety and economic security of millions of Americans, regardless of the political debate. Coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths are increasing, the economy faces the prospect of long-term damage, and the country’s political and cultural divisions may worsen. Biden is betting his low-key approach and bipartisan outreach – a distinct reversal of the current president’s style – will help him govern effectively on day one. But just 71 days before his inauguration, Trump and his allies appeared determined to make Biden’s transition as difficult as possible. From his Twitter account on Tuesday, Trump again raised unsubstantiated allegations of “massive ballot counting abuse” and predicted that he would ultimately win the race he has already lost. His allies on Capitol Hill, led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have encouraged the president’s baseless accusations. Trump’s tweets were quickly flagged by the social media network as disputed allegations of voter fraud. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Bloomberg Quicktake brings you live global news and original programming covering business, technology, politics and culture. Make sense of the stories that change your business and your world. To watch full coverage on Bloomberg Quicktake 24/7, visit or watch on Apple TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Fire TV, and Android TV on the Bloomberg app. Connect with us on… YouTube: Latest news on YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

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