Huh? Antifa creates a football league – Dateway

Between destroying local businesses and attacking anyone who disagrees with their opinion that communism is not good, Antifa has decided to start a football (football) league in Portland, according to the reports.

The harmful organization has apparently decided that it can also fight the “ Nazis ” by sending a balloon around it.

Antifa created a Twitter account for the team, urging members, or “ comrades, ” as they put it, to try:

The announcement signaled that face masks would be required, while also explaining that if players intend to show up as a “ bloc ” they will need a way to be identified by their teammates.

Antifa called on his potential soccer stars to “Stay safe, stay dangerous, watch soccer and Nutmeg a Nazi.”

The New York Post reported that 88 Antifa Chicken Necks have signed up to become players, a very ironic number given that it is used by white supremacists to refer to “Hitler Hell.”

When some feared problems could arise during matches, Antifa assured them that a group of ropes-armed weenies would be watching:

Only your patronage to our store is what keeps this beacon of truth lit in narrative controlled darkness.

The fledgling league has already suffered a setback, however, after the announcement of the recruitment of referees to establish some authority over matches.

Since the Antifa toddlers are determined to reject any authority figure, some “ comrades ” immediately challenged the referees.

The soy boys of Antifa football responded by accusing anyone of labeling the referees ‘bastards’ by declaring them ‘racist’:

Maybe the real reason a referral is needed?

Antifa seems like the right organization as perhaps the only organization that could give the world’s soccer players a chance to make their money by being too privileged softies.

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