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Hundreds of positive tests for Covid after being fully vaccinated – Dateway

Americans who trusted Bill Gates, Dr Fauci, the WHO and the CDC were all promised that a vaccine was the way to normalcy.

However, across the country, stories are emerging that cast doubt on the effectiveness of vaccines – as still test positive for Covid days, weeks and months after being vaccinated.

The outbreak of so-called “breakthrough cases,” or cases in which vaccinated still contract the virus, throws a wrench into the story of the vaccine’s effectiveness.

  • In Washington , more than 100 have tested positive for Covid, despite taking full doses of the vaccine more than two weeks previously.
  • In Michigan, some 246 , out of the 1.7 million vaccinated in the , have tested positive for Covid.
  • In Minnesota, “Over 1.8 million Minnesotans have received at least one dose of vaccine,” reports, but “the Minnesota Department of Health has identified 222 vaccine ‘breakthrough’ cases.”
  • In Houston, the city’s health department reports that more than 100 people have tested positive for the virus even after being vaccinated with the Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
  • In Colorado, two nursing home workers in Fort Collins have reportedly tested positive after being vaccinated last month.
  • In Idaho, the Department of Health has identified 97 “rupture cases”.
  • In Oregon, there were 168 “revolutionary cases” on Sunday.
  • In Brooklyn, a woman who had not contracted Covid throughout 2020 tested positive for the virus three weeks after being vaccinated.
  • In New Jersey, a man was hospitalized after starting to experience symptoms of Covid-19 such as cough, fever and chills, even though he received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on March 6.

The problem has been compounded by the fact that the CDC announced new travel guidelines indicating that it is acceptable for vaccinated people to travel.

However, horror stories are emerging of vaccinated Americans thinking it would be perfectly fine to travel, only to find out that they test positive for the virus in another country.

It happened to a family from Boise, Idaho, who had traveled to Mexico. They left on the trip two weeks after being vaccinated, but two days after the trip began, they tested positive while in the country, forcing them to stay there for another 10 days.

It also happened to a nurse from Minnesota who had traveled to Playa del Carmen, Mexico to accompany her daughter’s senior trip, but who tested positive and was unable to return to the United States.

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As’ breakthrough cases’ poke holes in the facility’s vaccine rollout, health officials say they are just further evidence that people should always follow ‘safety precautions. “.

Last month, Dr Fauci such cases, saying they were perfectly normal.

“You’ll see breakthrough infections in any vaccination when you immunize literally , and of millions of people, so in some ways it’s not surprising,” Fauci said.

But, really, what good is a vaccine that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do?

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