Hunter Biden admits to BBC he got a job at Burisma because Joe Biden’s name was “GOLD”

Hunter Biden admitted in a broad interview on Tuesday that he only landed the lucrative on Burisma’s board because he shares his father’s last name Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden had joined the board of directors of Burisma Holdings in 2014, while then vice president Joe Biden oversaw US foreign policy in Ukraine.

“I think they saw my name as gold,” Biden told the BBC, adding that “one of the reasons” Burisma hired him was because they “ to build a bulwark. Against “Russian aggression.”

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Hunter went on to say that the “Biden name” is “synonymous with democracy and transparency,” which is another reason Burisma Hunter to be a member of its board of directors.

“They knew they had to expand internationally and into other sectors in order to diversify and protect themselves… The name Biden is synonymous with democracy and transparency,” said Hunter Biden. “That’s why I told them it was gold.

This interview comes shortly after Hunter told CBS he smoked Parmesan, mistakenly believing it to be crack he found in the carpets.

Hunter previously said in 2019 that he likely wouldn’t have gotten the $ 50,000-a-month cushy Burisma job if his last name wasn’t Biden.

Joe Biden has repeatedly denied that Hunter, who is currently the subject of a Department criminal investigation, has committed any wrongdoing.

However, Hunter’s so-called “Hell Laptop” reveals a wealth of evidence that Hunter engaged in shady and possibly illegal business transactions in Ukraine and Communist China in addition to his excessive consumption of drug.

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Hunter Biden admitted in an interview Friday that the infamous “Hell Laptop” which contained explosive evidence of shady business transactions and a mine of sexual material – some of which are believed to be minor – could “absolutely” belong to him.

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